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mr morritt plastic breast surgeon consultation sheffieldMr Morritt undertakes private plastic surgery consultations at the Claremont Private Hospital and BMI Thornbury Private Hospital in Sheffield. He charges £180 for a consultation. A typical cosmetic surgery consultation will last approximately 30 minutes. During the consultation Mr Morritt will take a history, examine you and discuss available treatment options with you.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have at any point in the consultation.  Mr Morritt recommends bringing a list of any questions that you have with you as sometimes it is difficult to recall everything you want to ask.  For those patients considering cosmetic surgery, it is useful to bring photographs of the look that you are hoping to achieve. Some patients find it useful to bring a friend or relative with them to the consultation and we are very happy to accommodate this where COVID restrictions allow.

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Mr Morritt will ask questions to find out what you are hoping to achieve from plastic surgery. He will also ask questions about your past medical history, medications, allergies to medications and all other aspects of your lifestyle that could affect the outcome of surgery such as whether you smoke.


Mr Morritt will then examine you focussing on the area that you want treated. He will also assess your general fitness for surgery which sometimes requires measuring your weight and height to work out your Body Mass Index (BMI). Photographs are sometimes taken for your confidential medical record and also to help with the discussion regarding treatment options.  It is Mr Morritt’s routine practice to have a chaperone (nurse) present when examining patients.


Mr Morritt will discuss the available treatment options with you including what can and cannot be achieved. This discussion will include detailed information about the procedures, the risks and recovery involved.  He will provide you with detailed information leaflets regarding specific procedures for you to read in your own time (for the more commonly performed procedures).  Mr Morritt will also show you before and after plastic surgery photographs demonstrating typical outcomes for the proposed procedures.

Following the plastic surgery consultation

Mr Morritt will send you a letter summarising the consultation and recommendations. It is Mr Morritt’s normal practice to send a copy of this letter to your GP.  Mr Morritt respects the wishes of patients who do not wish to have information shared with their GPs and will not inform the GP in this situation. In order to proceed with surgery it is best medical practice to keep the GP up to date and Mr Morritt is therefore unable to proceed with surgery for any patient who refuses for information to be shared with their

You will also receive a fixed price quote for the proposed surgery from the Hospital.  After the consultation you should take time to think about everything that has been discussed including the potential risks of surgery and the recovery involved. If you decide that you wish to proceed with surgery, it is Mr Morritt’s normal practice to see you in clinic again in order to talk through any further questions that you may have about the surgery and to obtain consent for surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery?

One of the purposes of the consultation is for Mr Morritt to assess your suitability for cosmetic surgery. The majority of patients have realistic expectations about what can be achieved and are in good physical health and are generally able to proceed with cosmetic surgery. Patient’s should be aware that during the consultation specific information may come to light which means that patients would not be advised to proceed with cosmetic surgery. This includes things such as patient’s having unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved with surgery or having significant medical or psychological problems that may significantly increase the potential risks of surgery making surgery unsafe. Another group of patients who are generally advised not to proceed with cosmetic surgery are those who are able to achieve their goals without surgery. These patients are typically slightly overweight but otherwise healthy with good skin quality and simply either feel that they do not have the time to exercise or are not prepared to modify their diet/lifestyle. Mr Morritt strongly advises this group of patients to avoid having cosmetic surgery as the gains from surgery will only be modest, the permanent scarring and other risks of surgery could be avoided, and these patients are also unlikely to feel that they have got a good return for the money that they have spent on surgery.

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