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Lipofilling (fat injections)

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What is lipofilling (fat injection or lipomodelling)?

Mr Morritt frequently performs lipofilling (fat injection or lipomodelling) in Sheffield both in the Private and NHS sectors.  The procedure in involves harvesting fat from an area of excess such as the tummy or thighs using liposuction. The fat is purified then injected into the area which the patient wishes to enlarge.  Mr Morritt has used fat injection to increase the size of breasts for patients with uneven breast size (breast asymmetry) or in those who want to increase breast size (following weight loss or pregnancy) but do not want to have breast implants inserted. Lipofilling is also useful for increasing the size of the buttocks (buttock augmentation) or for restoring the youthful contour of the aged face (which is partly due to fat atrophy). Fat injections also has a role in restoring contour following previous trauma or surgery where it is possible in suitable patients to fill soft tissue dents/hollows in.