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Breast asymmetry correction (uneven breasts)

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Minor breast asymmetries (differences in breast size, shape and nipple position) are common. Some women have significant breast asymmetry (uneven breasts). Significant breast asymmetry can cause problems in getting bras and clothing to fit and have a significant impact on a patient’s confidence. Mr Morritt regularly undertakes surgery to correct breast asymmetry.

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breast asymmetry correction sheffield

Procedures to correct breast asymmetry

A variety of techniques exist to reshape breasts such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast uplift. The operative plan is customised to achieve the individual patient’s goals. Some patients want the larger breast reduced (breast reduction) whilst others want the small breast made larger (breast augmentation with implant or lipofilling). Other patients with breast asymmetry want both breasts made larger (differential breast augmentation or bilateral breast augmentation with ipsilateral reduction); or both breasts made smaller (differential breast reduction). Lipofilling is useful for correction of less severe breast asymmetry but can frequently require more than one operation to achieve a significant gain in breast size.

Photos of breast asymmetry correction

Case 1 – Photos showing appearances before and 6 weeks after correction of breast asymmetry. This lady in her 50’s was unhappy with her uneven breasts and also wanted the breasts to be reduced in size and lifted. A ‘differential’ breast reduction has been performed (more tissue has been removed from the left breast) to make the breasts more even. The breasts have also been reduced to be more in proportion with the patient’s figure and lifted (the red line shows how much lift has been achieved. Thanks to my patient for giving permission to show these images.