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Breast reconstruction

Mr Morritt specialises in breast reconstruction using the latest plastic surgery techniques. He is a core member of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Oncoplastic MDT based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Mr Morritt performs breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy. He also regularly treats patients with uneven breast size (breast asymmetry). Andrew has popularised the use of the latest complex breast reconstruction techniques in Sheffield. These include the DIEP flap, the SIEA flap and the TUG flap breast reconstructions.

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Breast reconstruction procedures

Mr Morritt regularly undertakes both immediate breast reconstruction (reconstruction performed immediately following mastectomy during same operation) and delayed breast reconstruction (reconstruction performed months/years after mastectomy). He offers the full spectrum of breast reconstruction options. This includes breast implant based breast reconstruction techniques. He also has particular expertise in autologous breast reconstruction (where the patient’s own tissues are used to reconstruct the breast without a breast implant).

Plastic surgery treatment options including:

Implant based breast reconstruction (one stage or two stage)

Acellular dermal matrix (eg. Strattice ®, Surgimend ®)

Lipofilling (Lipomodelling; fat injection, fat transfer)

Latissimus dorsi flap (LD flap)

Thoracodorsal artery perforator flap

Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator flap (DIEP flap)

Muscle sparing transverse abdominis flap (MS-TRAM flap)

Transverse Upper Gracilis flap (TUG flap)

Nipple reconstruction

Perforator flap reconstruction

Breast asymmetry correction procedures

Mr Morritt regularly undertakes surgery to improve breast symmetry in patients with breasts that naturally differ significantly in shape or size (breast asymmetry). There are many different ways of improving the symmetry between breasts and Mr Morritt usually offers patients various combinations of the following procedures depending on what look his patients are hoping to achieve:

Breast reduction

Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Breast implant insertion/exchange

Differential breast augmentation (different sized breast implants in each breast)

Lipofilling (Lipomodelling; fat injection; fat transfer)


Tuberous breast correction

Tuberous breasts have a variety of different physical characteristics such as a narrow base on the chest wall giving the impression of a large gap between the breasts, puffy large areolar, a high breast crease and  sagging. With modern plastic surgery techniques it is possible to improve the appearance of tuberous breasts significantly using procedures like:

Tissue expansion

Breast implants

Areolar reduction

Lipomodelling (fat injections)

Periareolar mastopexy

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