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Thigh lift

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Risks of thigh lift surgery

Thigh lift surgery has a higher complication rate than most other cosmetic procedures (approximately 1 in 5 patients will have some form of complication).


Scar – Widened, thickened (hypertrophic, keloid)


Bleeding – may require return to theatre

Seroma – collection of blister type fluid, may need repeated drainage with a needle


Asymmetry – differences between thighs in shape/scarring etc – this is always the case

Numbness – may be permanent

Lymphoedema – chronic swelling of the legs that may be permanent

Distortion of vulva – can happen but is rare

Recurrence of saggy skin – will happen for most patients with time; people with poor skin quality or whose weight fluctuates will get recurrence of sagging more quickly

Wound breakdown/skin necrosis – usually managed with dressings but larger areas may require return  to theatre for further surgery