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Breast enlargement and uplift

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Breast enlargement can be combined with breast uplift (mastopexy) or nipple uplift surgery (this procedure is also known as augmentation mastopexy or augmented mastopexy). Breast augmentation can itself slightly lift the nipples but for patients who have significant drooping of the nipples or excess skin a breast uplift procedure is also necessary. For patients where there are only small amounts of nipple drooping the nipple position can be improved with a nipple lift procedure. The combination of breast augmentation and breast uplift is most frequently requested by patients who have had children or who have lost significant amounts of weight.

Photos showing appearances before and after breast augmentation with uplift (augmentation mastopexy)

photos before after breast augmentation mastopexy uplift sheffield round implants

Case 1. Before and after photos showing the outcome of combined breast implants and breast uplift surgery. This mum wanted to restore breast volume and nipple position which had been lost after breastfeeding her two children. She requested that the outcome of surgery looked fake if possible with increased fullness in the upper part of the breast. The appearances here are shown 6 weeks after breast augmentation and breast uplift which were performed in a single operation. Round 400cc high profile breast implants were inserted on top of the chest muscle (‘overs’) to augment the breast volume and projection.

photos showing appearances before after breast augmentation mastopexy uplift sheffield
before and after photos of patient breast augmentation breast uplift Mr Morritt Sheffield

Case 2 – Photos showing the appearances before and after combination of breast enlargement and breast uplift. This lady in her 30s wanted to replace the breast volume that she had lost after losing weight and also wanted her breasts to be more lifted. A combination of breast augmentation (250cc round breast implants) and breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) was performed in a single operation.

Patient testimonial – Mr Morritt talks with Dawn about her breast augmentation and uplift procedure